Based in the artistic capital London, Celina Mervine (@celenseuk) is a freelance female photographer who works within the vast and evergreen genres of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. The photographer was approached with the opportunity to photograph this flamboyant editorial that spotlights the aspiring TV personality and creator Krystal D'anjou (@_krystaxl_) for BAD CONCEPT Magazine. The digital editorial is titled "Pressure Makes Krystal", a meaningful play on the expression 'Pressure Makes Diamonds' and is exclusive to the emerging online magazine.
As Mervine's main photographic subjects tend to be women, this lent her perfectly to capture D'anjou for her very first editorial with BAD CONCEPT. Mervine confesses: "I love to portray them (women) in a way that empowers their creative expression, especially through fashion and their outward appearance...I read the concept and it felt like the ideal collaboration to me". Throughout this shoot we see Mervine's photos exude elements of D'anjou's personality - quirky, bold and captivating - those of which she isn't afraid to express via social media platforms like TikTok where big personalities thrive (definitely check her out). Particularly for editorials, styling an individual with a vibrant personality often calls for bold outfits and accessories. In Pressure Makes Krystal, the prominent monochromatic Avant-Garde pieces - "a term used to describe a type of fashion that is characterised by its bold, experimental, and often unconventional designs." - that are equally playful and ceremonious, not only serve to create a strong visual impact without context, but are also a visual representation of Krystal's duality.
The Nikon D5600 camera body paired with the Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens were the tools Mervine used to capture these flawless photographs, and each one is captured using a fairly small aperture of f/13, a great aperture to use for studio photography which allows for more of the person and their outfit to be in focus as opposed to blurred, especially when photographing people from a fair distance. Mervines use of high contrast lighting which forms deep rich shadows, as well as her composition and framing where she centres D'anjou in the frame and allows room for negative space above and either side of her, especially against an engulfing black background, creates depth and drama and this pairs perfectly with the show-stopping outfits. In combination, the overall outcome is akin to the image of a theatre performer on stage, which is fitting for an aspiring TV awards host.
Like many photographers, when it comes to adding her own creative flair Mervine continues to take charge in post production, and looks to colour grading her photos which is the process of manipulating the colours and tones of a photograph using digital editing softwares such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, or even a combination of more than one editing software to craft a particular mood and atmosphere that sways the viewer. In Pressure Makes Krystal, Mervine keeps the colours true to life, allowing D'anjou's authenticity to shine through.
Creative Direction, Production + Interview: Terna Jogo, @ternajogo