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Débora Marques Faria and Rossana Mendes Fonseca
author-thumbnail Jessica Parry + May 21, 2020

Mirror Musings is a photographic series and larger project collaboration between creatives Débora Marques Faria (@deboramarquesfaria) and Rossana Mendes Fonsec...

author-thumbnail Sonia Levesque + June 01, 2020

Skin. We've all got it, but some flesh is deemed more equal than others. Not in terms of how things should be, but just the sad reality of how things currently ...

author-thumbnail April Wiser + April 26, 2019

Western urban landscapes, African masks, Noëlla L's Mask Off takes a look at the question of identity in French society. Is our cultural heritage a richness or...

Hannah Gabrielle More
author-thumbnail Chanel Irvine + April 18, 2020

Photographer Hannah Gabrielle More (@hannahgabriellemore)’s photographs from her recent trip to Sri Lanka are a desperately-needed tonic to the COVID-19 panic...

Nadia Shira Cohen
author-thumbnail Dominique Catton + May 07, 2020

In Italy, the pandemic has been spreading since the end of January, quickly becoming the second-largest outbreak in the world, and the country was the first in ...

Greta Rybus
author-thumbnail Chanel Irvine + March 30, 2020

Full-time freelance photojournalist Greta Rybus (@gretarybus) specialises in editorial portraiture, travel and documentary photography. She has a goal of spendi...

Additional Funding Opportunities Open to Photographers and Visual Artists
Christina Santucci Christina Santucci + May 21, 2020

As the pandemic continues to spread throughout the world and disrupt daily life, many photographers have faced prolonged financial hardship over the past few mo...

Financial Assistance Available to Photographers Affected by Coronavirus
Christina Santucci Christina Santucci + April 18, 2020

For many photographers, the coronavirus pandemic has upended their businesses and livelihoods, as around the world people have been asked to stay inside their h...

Photography Book Celebrates Women’s Ageless Beauty
Christina Santucci Christina Santucci + March 17, 2020

More than 100 women ranging in age from 40 to 99 are featured in a new photography book by Angelika Buettner, who sought to illustrate the women’s ageless bea...


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