Artificial intelligence has been on the rise recently, robots problem-solve and learn as though a human would. This is what we accepted in years to come, in some distant future. Now, it has been developed and shows many opportunities in the world of technology.
A part of artificial intelligence that is rising rapidly is AI photography. This can be in many different forms, and we all use AI elements without realising it. This technology can do many things such as: focusing an image on a mobile phone, editing images, adding filters to images and the showstopper of AI photography is generated images.
All over the Internet, there are many accounts and people who are creating these images from scratch from their homes. This work is a profession and is helping many people break out of their comfort zones and to discover what their style is in photography.
A photographer who works with artificial intelligence is Miss D (Daphne). She lives in Amsterdam as a photographer and works as a camerawoman for Dutch TV. She comes from a creative family and her mother was the artist of the house. At 15, she knew she wanted to become a photographer, so she worked hard to get accepted into school.
She uses tools such as Mid-journey and Photoshop to create elegant, futuristic images. Her images show soft focuses with a mix of bright colours and warm hues, the images are very high fashion in different types of environments and backgrounds, some of which include animals. Daphne says that she uses AI intelligence on Mid-journey like a photographer would in real life. There is always something about light or something about nature or the location, the flow of fabrics or structures. She gets everything from nature and uses prompts. She says she's not sure what her style is yet, but she likes so many styles.
Daphne speaks about the issues of the rise in AI photography and has questions like "What about copyright, what will this do for the image makers?" "Can anyone do this?" She says when she first started using Mid-journey, she was a bit lost and confused but she felt like this could be a crossover so she could earn more money and have new inspiration for her work.
There are many pros and cons to artificial intelligence photography. The rise of this has caused a lot of conflict between the arts as people believe this will remove jobs and stop the creative mind. Companies have been shown how to use AI to create their branding, thus reducing the need of creators for jobs.
There are also many pros of AI photography, one being that no matter what environment you're in or where you are, you can create a masterpiece using these platforms. You can also create futuristic images. People who do not have the equipment to create images that they long to see, are able to use AI, to have specific camera settings on camera equipment to get sharp clean images that are seen as professional.
Artificial intelligence is on the rise, and it's doesn't seem t be leaving any time soon. Change is inevitable and many other industries are evolving all the time, this doesn't mean AI will take over, but perhaps it will bring a different perspective to the arts.