Rida Suleri-Johnson (@beforeandagain_)'s work has been defined as refreshing and poised, and her themes often work around her cultural identity which she often researches through her various projects. Rida is a Pakistani-Welsh creator who plays many roles; she is a content creator, writer, a photographer and a loving mother. Suleri is a first generation immigrant in Britain, her themes often portray a strong connection to her culture and heritage. She questions everything, which in this age is extremely important, especially for artists.
Her work Platonic Intimacy focuses on intimacy and partnership, not necessarily romantic, as the name suggests. According to Johnson, love needn't necessarily always have to be romantic, it can also be found within the small moments spent with your loved ones, or your friendship circles.
rida suleri-johnson
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Expecting everything from that one person, or putting pressure on only one person is not fair. Love can come from all directions. Embrace it.
For this particular series, she did not have any specifications, but was inspired by her cousin Rabya and her friend Aja who wore the same dress beautifully. As they stood behind Aja's old house, she said that she has always wanted daisies in her hair. With two beautiful muses, it was very simple for Johnson, as there was comfort and a sense of familiarity. An intimate moment photographed as they took their time to place the daisies in Aja's fro.
Holding hands is not only limited to couples, nor is feeding each other. She says that love is undefined, and has no limitations, hence should not be only associated with romantic emotions. Experiencing love and affection can happen for anyone.
That we can be our fullest selves with our friends and even in our differences, feel safe and mirror the principles and values we hold dearest in each other within that relationship.