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NomadHer Female Globetrotter Festival 2021
© Velianna Catalano


August 2022 OPEN CALLS

Velianna Catalano
+April 17, 2022
Interested in gaining exposure for your work? Contests and Juried Exhibitions are both great ways for Photographers to gain recognition and make some new connections in the field. Here are a few contests and exhibitions with upcoming deadlines in August.
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© LoosenArt
LoosenArt is an online gallery and platform dedicated to contemporary visual arts. They provide a space where art finds further support for its role, of its deeper meaning, of it being a channel through which man relates with others, with the world and reality. They will be hosting a group exhibition in Rome, Italy. LoosenArt welcomes photographers to submit work that falls under the theme "Progress".

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© New York Photography Awards
New York Photography Awards is open for photographers who wish to express their emotions and messages through their abstract images. New York Photography Awards' mission is to assist photographers from around the world, in celebrating and honoring their photos.

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© Audubon Community Nature Center
The Annual Nature Photography Contest at Audubon Community Nature Center is a chance to showcase your best nature photos and as well as win $200. It is also a fundraiser that supports Audubon's mission of nurturing the connection between people and nature.