Kyoko Kasuya is a Japanese multidisciplinary artist. Her studies in English and American literature influence the way she develops visual images : writing has an important role in the entire creative process. Her work examines sociological and historical subjects, memories and past events lost in time, through the lens of her cultural identity.
The artist presents her first experimental short movie Listen to the Voices of the Sea, available for an exclusive preview on Vimeo. The short movie was edited in 2019 for the occasion of an exhibition in Limoges. Kyoko Kasuya decided to improve it and make a new version of it, reworking the sound and the post-production and changing all the cast and crew, from actors to technicians. The short movie is inspired by the diary of Hachiro Sasaki, published in 1949 under the title Kike Wadatsume no Koe (Listen to the Voices of the Sea). Sasaki was a former Japanese student at the Tokyo university turned kamikaze soldier during the Pacific War. Kyoko Kasuya sets the story in the French territory, trying to deconstruct the image Western people have about kamikazes. The result is an intimate, elegiacal work that aims at leads to confronting destiny and expectations with the external reality.