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The stringent and yet vague community guidelines of the major social media channels are inconsistent, full of contradictions and hypocritical at best, but the problem runs deeper. The message is deafeningly loud and the silence is violent: if you have enough money or are famous enough, you can publish whatever you want, regardless if it violates their own guidelines. If you don’t have a “perfect body”, you will not be seen. If you have important messages to express about the female body, you will not be heard. C*nsorsh*p is an exhibition which gives a voice to binary, femme, non-binary, transgender women photographers to show their photography without fear or threat.

Disclaimer : although this image depicts cisgender people and how social media censors in a transphobic way, we are in no way condoning social media's behavior and are bringing attention to the danger of this kind of thought. The imagery depicted is just one situation of the way social media censors and it does not in any way limit your interpretation. Submissions about censorship based on age, body, childbirth, disability, gender, gender expression, origin, mastectomy, race, sexual orientation (to give you some examples) are accepted, but not limited to these subjects.