There are highly functioning people, and then there is Megan Febuary, founder of For Women Who Roar magazine (@forwomenwhoroar / Seattle, WA). Upon learning that she is running her magazine + writing + events + social media + podcasts + every other aspect of FWWR, as a self proclaimed 'one woman show' it's impossible not to be wide eyed in admiration of her energy and clear passion. Somehow, she managed to squeeze in a few minutes to talk to FFU about FWWR, life goals and of course, feminism.
FFU: How and when did the idea for FWWR come about?
MP: For Women Who Roar was born from a poem I wrote over two years ago about the experience of feeling silenced as a woman. I have always been a writer and space holder for women, but when this poem came to light I had a vision that was bigger than me. I had vision of women's words shared out in the world through publication, podcasting, and events.
FFU: That's beautiful. What are some of the features on FWWR?
MP: We are a media platform offering a number of ways for women to create, connect, and collaborate. We specialize in offering a storyteller's platform with a pass the mic mentality, meaning every story deserves to be told, every voice needs to be heard.
FFU: This is a feminist magazine, what is your ultimate goal?
MP: I don't believe in ultimate goals, rather limitless goals. One of which is to expand the publication to more IRL events via national and global chapters where women can come together and share stories, as well as a massive annual summit featuring speakers, writers, creatives, and more.
FFU: Your strength is really an inspiration. What have you learned in the adventure of running a magazine?
MP: We are less then a year in and everyday I learn something new. I'm realizing you have to be okay with scraping an entire idea for the betterment of your community. For instance, we are switching to a primarily online magazine with an annual print, because we want more women to be able to share their work and we want it to be accessible.
FFU: I completely get the pivoting response. What is FWWR currently working on?
MP: We are wrapping up design on our second print edition for Power. It is beautiful! It is heading into production and then will be sold out to distributors and readership. We are expanding the podcast for more episodes within each season and more events locally and abroad.
FFU: Well, if you do anything in Paris give me a ring! So, I must ask, as this is a huge topic for us at FFU: how do you weigh in on the social media censorship frenzy?
MP: It's a mess and totally speaks to how much of a double standard there is for men vs women's bodies. I think things are slowly shifting, but there needs to be a lot more work done in giving women the power to take claim over what they do and do not share about their bodies.
You just need to know that your voice matters. Your story matters. Your truth needs to be heard. Thank you for roaring with us.
Special thanks to Megan for taking the time to speak to us, check out For Women Who Roar !