Alyssa Boni (@alyssa_boni) is a British photographer based in Los Angeles. She works in fashion, accessories, and conceptual photography. In addition, she created the in-house photography department of shoe and accessory brand Kurt Geiger. As a freelancer, she has worked with brands Liberty, Chanel and Bulgari, to name a few. Her work can be seen in fashion magazines Vogue UK, Glass Magazine, Stylist and Schon magazine. Boni has received awards from D&AD, British Arrow and the Creative Circle for her film #MoreWomen (for Elle magazine).
With a curious and playful approach I wanted to explore a raw yet beautiful feeling of mystery.
Her series, Chanel Cruise, is an editorial story that was originally published for Glass Magazine. Indeed, Boni’s approach is definitely a playful one and it’s a breath of fresh air. When one thinks of Chanel advertisements and editorials, a classic beauty and imagery comes to mind. While classic is neither mundane nor is it cliché, it is still appreciated to see a different genre of concepting as Boni dreamed up. Dynamic in execution, it still stays true to some of the vintage visuals one associates with Chanel.
One of the most effective images is the photograph with the models legs and her hands holding the handbag over the vintage tv. This has a very graphic quality to it and Boni’s graphic design background emerges in this image. Everything is purposefully done, from the neutral tones to the use of line and the subtle pops of red from the nail color and the television. The triangular composition guides the viewer gracefully through the image.
Secondly, the image of a handbag with the cotton candy pinks, yellow and blue, is effective as well. Once again, she uses a strong linear element with the stripes. The feel of this photograph is very different in comparison to the one mentioned above. It is very girly with an 80s flash dance sort of feel to it, which is a departure from what the usual Chanel advertisements.