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We are international

Why we do  what we do

Foto Femme United is an international women’s photography group and community established and based in Paris, France. Our mission is multi-layered. To start, we believe that empowering women in photography around the world is vital. The ratio of successful male photographers to female photographers is 3:1. We challenge the white male gaze that exists in our industry because we believe the world deserves more sides to a story.

Secondly, our objective is to advocate creativity and to strengthen ourselves as photographers. We feature and exhibit the work of female identifying photographers internationally.

Lastly, Foto Femme United is all about promoting and educating the world on what intersectional feminism in photography means. We believe it is so important to break the stigma and that the world understand the true meaning of feminism, which is all women having equal rights. We demonstrate that we as women are stronger together and that empowered women empower women.

Our team

  • April Wiser
    CEO / Founder

    April is an internationally published and exhibited photographer and creative working in photography...

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  • Margherita Baldi
    visual designer

    Freelance Visual Designer living and working between Florence, Berlin and Manchester. Her visual style...

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  • Daura Campos
    instagram curator

    Daura is a Latinx photographer based in Brazil, who is most passionate about conjugating documentary...

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  • Andrea Castillo

    Visual storyteller, poetry dilettante and devoted sailor of words and folkloric music. Spiritual animal:...

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  • Jennifer Gomez
    instagram curator

    Jennifer is a latinx post production specialist, photographer and chef based in Madrid. Her photography...

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  • Ophélie Logié

    French wanderer who loves to connect people and share stories. Through travel and documentary photography...

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  • Montserrat Mancilla

    Guatemalan based photographer and documentary cinematographer. She has focused on developing work that...

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  • Cristina Miranda
    instagram curator

    Cris Miranda is a Brazilian photographer who also works as a teacher and a translator. She wants to change...

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  • Alejandra Nava Vargas
    instagram curator

    Born in the Port of Veracruz, México, today she lives in the city of Madrid, Spain. She is a graduate...

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  • Samanta Ortega
    instagram curator

    Samanta Ortega is a photographer and visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Her work focuses mainly...

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  • Jessica Parry

    Photographer who loves creating conceptual and fine art images. She is truly passionate about collecting...

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  • Henrie Richer

    Henrie is English born, but has lived in France since completing a BA in French and Italian. She now...

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  • Christina Santucci

    Christina is a New York based freelance Photographer and photo editor. A longtime photojournalist, she...

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  • Irene Stylianou

    Irene Stylianou was born and raised in Larnaca, Cyprus. She studied Audio Visual Arts in Cyprus and Photography...

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  • Katalin Száraz

    Katalin Száraz is a Paris based fine art photographer from Hungary. She has finished her Masters in...

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